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July 2019

Have you always looked for the most magical places in Iceland? The least touristy and most authentic? Then you definitely can't miss Langisj贸r Lake and Mount Sveinstindur! The Langisj贸r lake Lake Langisj贸r is approximately 20 km long and up to 2 km wide and extends almost to the southwestern edge of Europe's largest glacier, the Vatnaj枚kull. Its greatest depth is 75m, its area is 27 km虏 and it is located 670 m above sea level. Almost all its surroundings are arid mountain deserts

Hiking in the Faroe Islands. Where to go? The Faroe Islands are a geological layer composed mainly of basalt, the same rock that Greenland is made of, which originated with the magmatic plume that originated Iceland, an area of intense volcanic activity where magma constantly rises to the surface to form a Cortex. This geological phenomenon, together with the action of the sea, has shaped the cliffs of the Faroe Islands for years, creating landscapes that escape our imagination. Ready to