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The Forbidden Coast of East Greenland

Price 10 days
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The Forbidden Coast of East Greenland

per person

The forbidden coast of East Greenland

 11 days       Expedition sailboat

The Forbidden Coast of East Greenland takes you on a journey back in time to a golden age of exploration. Most of its waters are still uncharted and almost all its hiking trails remain unmarked. You’ll be one of the few to walk among towering granite mountains, hike along fjords scoured with runaway glaciers, cruise past floating iceberg castles, and explore some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world—all from the comfort of a floating base camp. 

No kingdom on Earth is as fiercely protected as the Forbidden Coast. Calving glaciers riddle the waterways with sea ice, and a barely penetrable glacial wall shields most of its coastline. To get deeper into Greenland’s uncharted wilderness, we’ve partnered with renowned skipper, Captain Siggi, and his crew aboard Byr, a ketch-rigged, highly seaworthy expedition sailboat with a reinforced steel hull certified to reach the most remote corners of the Arctic.


1 certified mountain guide from Amarok Adventures.

Transportation aboard an expedition sailboat.

Accommodation aboard the sailboat.

Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner).

Sailboat crew & fuel.

...and much more!

Not included

International flights.

Personal mountain & hiking gear.

Any alcoholic beverages.

Trip insurance.

*The itinerary could be changed in case of adversarial meteo conditions, in case of danger for the group or in case the guide or the crew considers it necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or for the interest of the group.

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Price: 890.000 ISK/person

Available dates 2023

  • Sept 15th, 2023 – Sept 25th, 2023 SOLD OUT

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    The photographs below have been taken by our travelers or guides during the adventure trips in the destination. Enjoy!

    Day 1. Welcome to East Greenland

    We begin our journey in Kulusuk—the gateway to the Forbidden Coast. Your guides will meet you at Kulusuk airport with transportation to the harbour, where Byr will be safely at anchor awaiting your arrival. Here you’ll get to know your crew and fellow travelers. As we settle into our mothership, we’ll review the boat facilities and have a safety briefing with the guides and crew. We’ll enjoy our first dinner together onboard and discuss the plan ahead.

    Day 2 to 9. Sermilik & Ammassalik fjords.

    Over the next 8 days, we’ll sail and hike the rugged wilderness of the Sermilik & Ammassalik fjords. We’ll have no fixed route or set hiking itinerary as this journey is entirely dependent on weather, swell, and sea ice conditions. Each night, we’ll gather in the saloon and plan our course for the next day. Everyday we’ll try to maximize our time spent hiking onshore. We’ll also be traveling with kayaks and SUPs onboard, so you can explore our secluded anchorages. Depending on the day, paddling might be the main activity.

    We’ll plan to hike around 12km-25km each day. As we cover miles upon miles of hidden trails, you’ll be humbled by the vastness of the landscape. Simply put—East Greenland is massive. Mountains made from some of the oldest rocks on earth rise vertically from the sea and continue inland on a chain as far as the eye can see. With only a few thousand people scattered in small towns and settlements along the entire eastern coastline, you’ll discover the true meaning of solitude in this endless wilderness. No one beyond local hunters and the most daring mountaineers desperate to claim some of the world’s last first ascents are exploring these places. It’s completely wild and remote.

    HIKING: Throughout our days traveling the Sermilik & Ammassalik fjords, we’ll hike the exposed terrain along the coastline. You’ll see glaciers weave their way through valleys like magic carpets, their hides fractured with fearsome crevasses. We’ll hike along glacial fed rivers run with crystal clear waters—you’ll see every detail in the matrix of pebbles in the riverbed. The contrast of brilliant pink and purple flowers against the backdrop of rock and ice is perplexing. If conditions allow, we’ll aim to reach Tasiilaq valley, where you’ll have epic views of Fox Jaw Cirque and Shark's Tooth Mountain—a striking scenery of craggy granite cathedrals.

    After a long day's hike, we’ll return to the comfort of our floating base camp with a warm, locally inspired meal to greet you.

    BOATING: As we sail between hiking destinations, we’ll always try to spend as little time as possible in the exposed ocean. The fjords are nicely protected—sometimes we’ll have clear blue skies and be sailing mirror-calm seas while gale force winds blow just outside the entrance. We’ll cruise past stadium sized icebergs as we paint our way through a cosmic ocean of sea ice. You’ll witness outlet glaciers spew ice into the sea that often clogs the entrance to inlets and bays. Every so often, you’ll spot an berg of vivid, electric blue—quite stunning against the grey-black sky.

    Each night, we’ll seek a safe anchorage either close to a remote Greenlandic village or in an isolated bay. When the long Arctic dusk fades at the end of each eternal day, look up to the stars. Hiking and sailing at 65°N—on the southern edge of the Arctic Circle—you’ll have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Although never guaranteed, this natural light phenomena is most common throughout the months of September to March.

    Day 3. Farewell, East Greenland

    We’ll arrive in Kulusuk the night before your departure. We’ll share a final evening celebrating our victories, new found friendships, and appreciating the fragile beauty and raw power of this wild place. 

    After breakfast on our last day, we may have time to explore the small settlement town before heading home from the Kulusuk airport. 

    * The itinerary could be changed in case of adversarial meteo conditions, in case of danger for the group or in case the guide or the crew considers it necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or for the interest of the group.

    Our groups stay during the whole trip in 4-people bunk bed rooms aboard the Byr expedition sailboat under the deck. The possibility of having single rooms in the boat is impossible, since the space is very limited.

    The group will be using four guest cabins all located on the lower deck with central heating and ventilation. There are two 2-man cabins with single beds and two 4-man cabins with singles beds.  There is plenty of space to store gear under the bunk beds and next to them, as well as a couple of charging stations to keep your devices topped up during the trip.

    There are two shared heated toilets and a shower on board.

    Byr has also a saloon where we relax after a long day of playing outdoors, sharing our experiences, our stories and a fantastic dinner made of local ingredients. It is also a great place for sharing photos, videos or presentations from a screen, or simply curling up in the corner of the soft couch to read a good book from the collection of Arctic & Antarctic expedition books. The kitchen where breakfasts & dinners are prepared is in this same common area.

    Sailing a traditional rigging like this gives you the authentic feeling of hauling up sails manually, together with your crew mates. Our professional crew ensures Byr is sailed safely, no matter your experience level.

    Byr’s complex rigging offers various advantages for different weather—you’ll have ample opportunity to help hoist the sails and run the lines with the crew. We’ll also be traveling with kayaks and SUPs onboard, so you can explore our secluded anchorages or depending on the day, paddling might be the main activity.