Apr 13, 2020

Which is the best hiking trail in Iceland?

mejor trekking de islandia

Are you a hiking lover? Then without a doubt this post is for you. If you have always wanted to travel to Iceland, the island of ice and fire, but have never known where you should go to see the most amazing landscapes? In this article we will discover which is the best trekking in Iceland and all the keys to do it.

Best hiking trail in Iceland

Note: this post has not been written from an office. But thanks to the experience and knowledge accumulated by our guides during several years of work on site.

When we talk about hiking in Iceland, we usually find on Google that the best trekking to do on this island is the Laugavegur trek (or Laugavegurinn) or a trek in the region of the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest in Europe.

However, we have to admit that for us the best of all Iceland treks is none of them. They are spectacular, without a doubt, but the influx of people and tourists that are in them is every year greater.

So? Where should I go?

The more remote the best! The further away, the fewer people you will find. The more difficult the access, the better connection with nature you will establish.

Hiking in Hornstrandir:

A really outstanding option. Depart from Ísafjörður for the nature reserve aboard a boat and ask them to pick you up in several days. You can go from one hunter’s refuge to another, or spend the nights in the middle of nature. Arctic foxes, sea birds and large cliffs will be your companions during your journey.
Best months: June, July & August.

Hiking in the East Fjords:

Immerse yourself in endless mythological stories. Discover the magnificent Dyrfjöll mountain range and the turquoise lakes, go through the trolls gate and admire the spectacular cliffs. Only suitable for experienced hikers.
Best months: July & August.

OUR CHOICE! Hiking through the Icelandic Highlands:

130 km from mountain hut to mountain hut. Discover the most famous and most unknown places in the Highlands with a local guide. From Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk passing through the Langisjór lakes, the black deserts, the Ragnarök canyons and the secret valley of obsidian.
Best months: July, August & Septembre.

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