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Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands. The 18 forgotten islands.

Unknown, unspoiled, uncharted. These are the forgotten Faroe Islands. A mysterious 18 islands group in the middle of the north Atlantic ocean. “Føroyar”, translated as the “Sheep Islands” are an autonomous province of Denmark since 1948 and they have a population of 50,000 inhabitants.

Its capital, Tórshavn (Thor’s Harbor), its around 500km from the Arctic Circle and the 18 islands keep the most beautiful & unbelievable landscapes we can find across the nordic countries. Huge cliffs made of volcanic rock, some of them are over 600 m (1.965 ft) high, guard the entrance of a huge bird kingdom where we can find thousands of sea birds from the white & grey fulmar to the colorful puffin.

The Faroe Islands were originated from the hotspot that millions of years ago created Iceland, an area of intense volcanic activity where magma constantly rises to the surface to form a basalt crust. The pyramidal mountain shape is an inheritance from the previous ice age, about 12,000 – 10,000 years ago. The melting of this glaciers created the fjords where, today, the colorful villages and the old turf houses are built.

Unfortunately for the History lovers, there are few historical sources about the ancient history of the Faroe Islands. On the eight century, the Faroes were discovered by Irish monk in their search of isolated places for serving God in austerity & solitude.

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    Citizens from the Nordic countries and EU/EAA countries are permitted to enter the Faroe Islands without a visa and can stay for up to 3 months. Citizens from other countries may need a visa to visit the Faroes for the purpose of business, personal visits and tourism.
    Faroese & English
    Local currency
    Danish krona (DKK)

    Low season & high season

    High season (Summer): The northern islands & the capital area are full of foreign visitors. The temperature is around 13°C – 15ºC, changeable but pleasant weather. We can find bright, green vegetation, flowers & wild birds flying around us. Easy driving & hiking around the islands.

    Low season (Winter): Cold, snow & maybe some northern lights. Great season for having a feeling of solitude. The driving could be challenging because of the ice, snow and the long night. Also, some of the roads can be closed.


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