May 14, 2020
Faroe islands

5 places to travel after the coronavirus

viajar después del coronavirus islandia

After the lockdown in different countries, many travelers have asked us which are the best countries to travel to after the coronavirus (COVID-19). Well, based on our experience as guides and after having contrasted the data from each country regarding the evolution of the virus, these have been chosen.

[TOP 5 PLACES] Travel after the Coronavirus.

Find below the best destinations to travel to after confinement, phases and when the urge to travel has returned!

Iceland. The island of ice & fire

Iceland has been one of the most visited destinations in recent years since the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010, when many travelers placed it on the map. In recent months due to the Coronavirus, the island has limited the entry of travelers by imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all those who enter the country. Because of this, tourism has disappeared for a period of time and nature has gained ground.

In a few weeks, Iceland has managed to defeat the coronavirus and it has practically been eradicated as can be seen on the official data tracking website.

• Why is it a good destination to travel? Pure and harsh nature. In the Highlands of Iceland you can have more than 2m between you and other travelers. If you want to feel alive again after so long locked up at home … Iceland is your destination! Take a look at our adventures in Iceland. Are you more a hiking lover or would you prefer to discover it aboard a vehicle?

Greenland. After the footprints of the Nanoq

Looking for total isolation? Then the 2 million km2 that Greenland offers are your best option along with the Highlands of Iceland. Looking to kayak? Maybe some trekking? Would you rather soak up the Inuit culture and be amazed by the huge icebergs in Ilulissat Bay? Any option is good!

Why is it a good destination to travel? Wild nature that in few places in the world can be found. Greenland was one of the countries least infected by COVID-19, with a result of 11 fully cured infected and 0 deaths. If in Iceland you have the possibility of being several meters apart from each other … in Greenland even more!

Nepal. Under the watchful eye of thee Himalayas

At the time when the global alert for COVID-19 began, Nepal closed borders and established a total confinement of its population. It also closed the trekking season in the most famous areas of the Himalayas and Annapurnas until the following season. Despite being a society that lives very close to each other and suffers from a lot of pollution in cities like Kathmandu, they have not had to mourn the loss of any life.

When the borders open again, it will be one of the most anticipated destinations for hundreds of travelers who love hiking. If your intention is to find a destination in Asia to travel to after the coronavirus, and you still do not know Nepal … do not hesitate!

Why is it a good destination to travel? Get lost in the immensity of the mountains and enjoy the landscapes that you only thought you would see in travel magazines at more than 5000 meters high. Nepal is nature, ancient culture and smiles around every corner. Are you coming? Take a look at our trips to Nepal!

New Zealand. The austral fjords

While many countries still have scheduled flights, New Zealand airlines have limited their flights until even mid-2021, making it one of the most potential destinations to travel to after everything has passed. After seven days in a row with less than 10 new infections, it was decreed that there was no generalized and undetected community transmission. For which New Zealand considers to have “eliminated” the pandemic from its territory.

Therefore, although the coronavirus is not completely eradicated, in case of new infections the authorities know where they come from and can limit their expansion.

• Why is it a good destination to travel? Nearly 11 percent of the country’s total land area is protected in 13 national parks, making New Zealand the perfect southern destination for hikers. Hiking along beaches, forests, volcanoes and fjords await you in this destination. If you are still planning to travel after the coronavirus to the other end of the world, do not hesitate!

Faroe Islands. The unknown archipelago

Forgotten in the middle of the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands have grown in popularity year after year as one of the most scenic and breathtaking places for photographers and nature lovers. An oasis lost in the heart of Europe (or a couple of nautical miles from the mainland). The Faroe Islands were surprised by COVID-19 like most European countries and the spread of the virus was rapid, although controlled. To date they have 187 infected already recovered and 0 deceased. All travelers arriving on the islands were required to pass a 14-day quarantine (restriction imposed until June 20, 2020).

• Why is it a good destination to travel? The Faroe Islands are sea and force, but they are also joy, festivals and wild nature. When the Faroe Islands once again welcome travelers, they will be the best options to enjoy solitude in the middle of unspoiled nature, or to enjoy large and lively music festivals such as the G! Festival.

Are you looking for a unique trip? You can see our adventure in the Faroe Islands aboard our expedition sailboat here.

Much encouragement to all of you, and rest assured that when everything happens … we will travel again!

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