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Iceland Adventures & Tours. Not everything is ice & fire.

I have seen an island that you would not believe. An island touching the Arctic Circle where reality is confused with our imagination. An island that will catch you in such a way that part of yourself stays there, flowing between the pores of the rocks where the thousand-year-old ice crashes, and little by little goes into immense sediment deserts dominated by wild forces of nature, giving us the opportunity to witness the formation of the Earth live. Iceland has been the home of inspiration for Jules Verne, a land of sensations that can only be found in books, and of experiences that only remain in the memory of our elders. With landscapes impregnated with that spirit of adventure and the ghostly beauty of the northern lights.

It is not easy to walk through a place where everything around you is more alive than yourself, and we discover it when our eyes touch for the first time that camouflaged force of serene beauty in every corner of a landscape, in which the hidden is superimposed on the shown by light, making Iceland a magical imaginary capable of resisting with claws and teeth anyone who dares to break its rules.


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    Citizens of EU and Schengen countries, or citizens or residents of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the USA: no visa required for tourist visits of up to 90 days. Other countries – check online at
    Local currency
    Icelandic krona (ISK)

    Low season & high season

    High season (June, July & August): The south of the island & the capital area is full of foreign visitors. Prices peak, endless daylight due to the midnight sun, and busy parksites at the most popular places. Highland mountain roads open to 4WDs from mid-June or later & finally we, the hikers, are welcome.

    Low season (January – April): Cold, snow & northern lights. Great season for winter activities & adventures such as skiing, snowshoeing & ice caving. Brief spurts of daylight; long nights with possible Northern Lights viewings. Mountain roads closed; some minor roads shut due to weather conditions.


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