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Essences of Nepal

Many times I have wondered why after a trip to Nepal, its essences remain impregnated in every corner of your soul … and always come to my memory a lot of reasons and it is difficult to discern between which of them I would stay …
Maybe there are not reasons but sensations, images, smells, sounds, conversations and connection…


Connections that never are cut, because they are made with the soul of pure, authentic and humble things, like its great Mountains, its landscapes and its people. Those people who give everything to give you their sincere smile, their company, their wisdom and their traditions…


Ancestry, Humanity and Coexistence between the natural, the human, the divine and the spiritual. Where hands meet, looks merge and everything remains in the air suspended among dust, sun, blood and life.
In the silence of the mountains or in the noisy chaos of Kathmandu, Nepal always tastes the same, it has a special texture that melts in your palate and you will remember it wherever you are.

Essences of Nepal, that’s why we always return there, because we taste its flavour, bitter or sweet, but always powerful, without substitutes, life with all its purity. And it is so simple, there is no more, the sincere smile of children accompanied by the innocence and generosity of the Sherpas, the guardians of the ancient secrets hidden for decades under their temples, the snow and the wind …

Niños jugando en Nepal


No one else knows its secrets, only those who have been given the opportunity to go into the heart of these landscapes where even the human being is small and proud of it.
And maybe, this is the reason why Nepal leaves a mark on you forever, so that we never forget and always remember just what we are.


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