Nov 03, 2020

Múlagljúfur canyon – The hidden gem in the South Coast of Iceland

There’s a lot of people looking for real hidden gems in Iceland. But with time, these hidden gems become quite popular, and stop being a hidden spot. Some of them, fortunately, are quite demanding to reach and only few people dare to discover them. Would you be one of them? Are you looking for some information about the Múlagljúfur canyon in Iceland? Then THIS is your post!!

Múlagljufur in Iceland. The hidden canyon & unspoiled location.

First of all it is necessary to clarify that this post has been written by local guides in Iceland, with qualifications as mountain and glacier guides certified by UIMLA and AIMG. As well as we own a modified vehicle that allows us to access even the most inaccessible places in the Icelandic Highlands.

Where is the Múlagljúfur canyon located?

The Múlagljúfur canyon (translated as the “Mules Canyon”) is located in the South Coast of Iceland, quite close to the glacier lagoons of Fjallsárlón & Jökulsárlón. The road for getting to the “parking area” is unmarked, so do not hope to find a huge sign with the name “Múlagljúfur” on it pointing to the entrance of the valley 🙂

You can get to the canyon through one road: Hringvegur or road number 1. Coming from the glacier lagoons, you would need to cross two rivers: the first one bigger than the second one. And after the second one, you will find a tiny gravel road on the right, going straight to the base of the mountain. The entrance coordinates are the following ones: 63°59’19.2″N 16°23’42.5″W

Before starting any trip, we recommend that you take a look at the road conditions website and the weather website.

[ BEWARE OF ]: From the end of October to the end of March (it depends on the year) you might find snow & ice in the trail. A 4×4 vehicle is always a good choice for driving during the winter season. Hiking spikes might be necessary in this season.

Múlagljúfur Iceland landscapes

Which conditions may I find in the trail?

The Múlagljúfur trail is marked with sticks and it’s quite easy to follow even if you’re not an experienced hiker. But you must know that the trail is not as prepared as other hiking trails in Iceland. There’s a clear & visible track, but it might have roots, mud & stones on your way up. Also, up in the canyon, where you can find the best views, there are no fences and the place is not prepared to host many tourists.

Don’t be a fool. Keep the distance between other travelers, don’t go too close to the cliffs, don’t step on the moss & respect nature. And over everything…don’t fly a drone in here!! You can find all the Icelandic drone regulations here.

Which is the best spot for taking photos?

The most frequent question when talking about Múlagljúfur Iceland canyon is always this one!
The whole trail is magnificent, and also all the views of the canyon… but definitely there’s one place in particular where you can get the best visual.

From the rocky platform near the end of this trail, you will get the best photos of the canyon, the Rótarfjallshnúkur peak (1.848m), the Múlafoss waterfall & the Vatnajökull glacier, the biggest one in Europe.

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So, may I go by myself to Múlagljúfur Iceland?

Indeed! It’s an easy trail during the summer season. During the spring & autumn, you might find some mud and rainy weather too, and during the winter time you might find ice & snow, so do not venture without the proper equipment!!

Múlagljúfur Iceland views
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