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The forgotten kingdom of Mustang

Price 21 days
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The forgotten kingdom of Mustang

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The forgotten kingdom of Upper Mustang

Travel through the lost kingdom of Upper Mustang in Nepal in a 21-days tour in which we will visit the small villages in desert valleys, with their herds of Yaks and the constant presence of the eagles & the majestic vultures flying above us. Join our small group with one local guide and one Amarok guide in this trail through the forgotten kingdom.

We will enter the humble but welcoming homes of people who live every day with the special conditions of this ecosystem. Being excellent hosts in this journey, they will project the heart of a millenary culture where the relationship between human beings and their natural environment is authentic and sincere.

On our way up from Kathmandu to Upper Mustang, we will cross beautiful valleys and important cities such as Pokhara and Jomsom.

Upon our return, we will visit the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and the medieval cities of Bhaktapur and Patan.

Available dates

  • April 01st to April 21st of 2022 AVAILABLE SEATS!
  • November 01st to November 21st of 2022 AVAILABLE SEATS!

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Price: 2.300€/person

    • Destination
    • Departure
      Kathmandu, Nepal
    Days 1 and 2: Arrival in Kathmandu, permits and material

    Arrival and reception by the guide at the airport, transfer to accommodation in Kathmandu. Management of the trekking permits in Kathmandu, team review and free afternoons in the Nepalese capital, where it will be necessary to make some last minute purchases and introduce ourselves to their culture and way of life.

    Day 3 and 4: Routes to Pokhara and Jomsom
    Transfer by a local jeep to Pokhara, third largest city in Nepal and from where we can see great mountains such as Dhaulagiri and Annapurnas. In this quiet and sylvan city, we can rest and make last purchases before embarking us on our way to the north. After this day of resting in Pokhara, we start the route towards Jomsom. At 2700m high, it is a chaotic but small highly commercial city crossed by the great Kali Gandaki river. This will be the last place to get money in rupees, necessary for handling the rest of the trip. The dust and the desert begin to appear before the stealthy gaze of Dhaulagiri and the tops of Nilgiri and Tililtso.
    Day 5: On the way to Kagbeni
    Today we will walk towards Kagbeni, the gateway to Mustang and cradle of farmers and ranchers on the banks of Kali Gandaki. Beautiful and cozy city where we can enjoy a delicious tea with cake on one of its sunnier terraces. Its location makes us get an idea of the spectacular journey that awaits us in these lands.
    Day 6: Trekking to Chele
    From Kagbeni, we start our way to Chele (3050m), crossing Tangbe, a labyrinth of houses with white facades and surrounded by fields of barley, wheat and apple trees. And so, in half an hour, we reach the city of Chusang where we will stop to recover ourselves in one of their Lodges. There, we will have the opportunity to taste the Dhalbat, one of Napaleses' favorite dishes for its high energy content and its exquisite preparation with homemade rice, potatoes, lentils and vegetables. The trek leaves here the valley of Kali Gandaki to climb the rocky village of Chele, from where we can enjoy great views of the valley left behind and the ancestral caves of the kingdom of Mustang, carved into the high walls of the canyon.
    Day 7: Trekking to Geling
    From Chele, we begin to walk towards Geling (3500 m) through a landscape without trees or water, west of the great Khola canyon. We crossed valleys through several mountain passes like the village of Samar. A few kms. later, we turn aside to the cave of Chungsi, a Buddhist monastery looked after by a hermit who will be our hostess here. We resume the journey going through Syanboche, at 3800m, to descend again to the city of Geling, where we have to rest for the day in one of the most cozy kitchens of this trip and where we will taste, as every night, the delicious Nepalese cuisine.
    Day 8: Hike to Charang
    From the village of Geling, the road ascends to the panoramic pass of Nyi La, 4010 m and descends between grey and red ravines to the Tangmar Chu river bridge, after which, we arrive at the Mani Wall, the longest and most spectacular wall of sacred and carved stones of Nepal. We will cross another mountain pass at 3600 m, from where the route  gently descends to the village of Charang. There, we can enjoy excellent views, highlighting its Fortress Palace, belonging to the ancient kingdom of Mustang and its Buddhist Monastery, which houses statues, tapestries and large paintings of seated Buddha inside. One more night, we will enjoy the freshly prepared Mustang cuisine.
    Days 9 and 10: Lo Mantang and surroundings
    Today we arrive at Lo Mantang, the walled capital of Lo, the northern district of Mustang. From Charang, the road climbs up to Lo Gekar, at 3950 m, where we find one of the oldest monasteries in Nepal. After a gentle climb and a few kilometers of desert plains and a short descent, we crossed the riverbed to climb the Lo Mantang plain, 3810m. On our second day in Lo Mantang, we left the city to visit the Namgyal monastery, very important in this area, as well as some of the largest centennial Mustang caves. We will have lunch in a small canteen that will surprise us on our way and we will return towards Lo Mantang in the evening.
    Day 11: Trekking to Dhi and Yara
    From Lo Mantang, the road climbs up to the Dhi pass, at 4100 m and then, descends towards the village of Dhi, one of the most prosperous villages of Lo Manthang. We continue our way through the river canyon to Yara, at 3650 m, a village surrounded by giant gullies in which you can see remains of ancient caves. We still have time to take a walk around before the last rays of sun hide in the mountains.
    Days 12 & 13: Yara - Tangye - Chhusang
    These two next stages are harder than the rest because, apart of being longer routes, we will not have any lodge or intermediate canteen on the way to have lunch or a tea, so today we have to carry our food and water in our backpacks. Today, we leave Yara towards Tangye, crossing the canyon and going up to a pass at 4015 m and then descend between ravines to Tangye, where we will enjoy a deserved dinner and, as always, the warm welcome of our hosts. The next stage runs along desert roads and ravines, gently ascending to the middle of the route, then descending to the village of Chhusang, where a comforting cup of masala tea and a tasty Nepalese dinner await us.
    Day 14: Trekking to Jomsom
    Today we leave from Chhusang along the path that follows the course of the river, retracing our steps back to Kagbeni, where we stop for lunch and continue our route to Jomsom, the final destination of our journey today.
    Days 15 and 16: Internal flight to Pokhara and bus to Kathmandu
    This morning we take a flight from Jomson airport to Pokhara, where we will spend the rest of the day resting under the watchful eye of the Annapurnas and the Dhaulagiri. In the morning and after a good breakfast, we will leave towards Kathmandu in a Jeep.
    Days 17 and 18: Visits to Bhaktapur and Patan
    We wake up in Kathmandu, a city founded 8 centuries ago and located in the valley that bears his name. Kathmandu, like Patán and Bhaktapur, was formerly an independent kingdom, but in the 18th century, King Shah unified them by putting the former as their capital. Today we visit Bhaktapur, 11 km away from Kathmandu where we will immerse ourselves in medieval times due to its number of medieval buildings, although many were destroyed by the 2015 earthquake. We will walk among the ceramic stalls and traditional handicrafts, being at the same time spectators of their rituals of offerings to the Hindu gods, since both religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, coexist in Nepal without any conflict. The next morning, we will go to the village of Patán, 5 km away from Kathmandu and separated by the Bagmati River. We will walk through its streets of temples and stupas dedicated to the Hindu deities. Its Durbar Square is a jewel of Newari architecture, indigenous culture of the Kathmandu Valley.
    Days 19 and 20: Visit of Khatmandu and free day in the city
    Today we visit Kathmandu. We will discover its most emblematic and interesting places while feeling its accelerated heartbeat and its essence. It will not leave us impassive with its chaotic and vital rhythm and its people and streets coexisting daily with the dusty and noisy air of the city and continuous traffic that floods in this city. We will also enjoy the Thamel neighborhood, where we can find good coffee or beer and get lost in its labyrinthine streets full of small shops. The next day, you can enjoy Kathmandu at your own pace.
    Day 21: Transfer to Kathmandu International Airport.
    Today we say goodbye to Nepal, but with the happy feeling of having soaked up with their culture and their unpublished landscapes, which will be forever engraved in our memory.