Mar 06, 2020

Hiking in Iceland: winter locations

One more year, summer is approaching, and with it, the hiking trails throughout Iceland are reopening little by little.
However, many people think that we can only trek and trek in Iceland during the months of June, July and August.

In this post, we destroy the myth 🙂


The Vatnajökull National Park has an area of 12,000 km2, of which 8,100km2 belong to the Vatnajökull glacier, the largest in Iceland. During the summer, the most famous trekking routes are the Svartifoss and Sjónarnípa. However, on a good winter day, it is also possible to do both routes.
From Amarok Adventures we always recommend informing the rangers of the Visitor Center of the route we have planned, checking the weather and being well equipped.

Trekking Islandia - Amarok Adventures
Amarok Adventures group with one local mountain guide in Skaftafell


The Valley of the God of Thunder. Spectacular in summer and spectacular in winter. Personally at Amarok Adventures we have chosen this place as one of the TOP destinations for snowshoeing during the winter. To get to Thor’s Valley it is important to know that it can only be accessed thanks to modified 4x4s, and doing it on your own can put our safety at risk. During the winter, several meters of snow fall on the valley, covering the track that leads to the refuge and also the rivers.
Our recommended visits are Stakkholtsgjá canyon and Valahnúkur peak.
And if you want to fully and carefree enjoy a tour to Thórsmörk, here you can see our Daytour to Thórsmörk available all year round.

Trekking en Islandia - Thórsmörk con raquetas de nieve
Amarok Adventures group in a snowshoeing activity

Glacier Hiking

The Vatnajökull glacier is undoubtedly the largest in Europe, and in its bowels it hides hundreds of ice caves yet to be explored. One of our favorite excursions during the Icelandic winter is to spend the whole day walking along the glacier to finally reach one of the ice caves that exist here. Moulins, crevasses, hidden places make up this incredible glacier.

Never enter a glacier on your own

Never enter a glacier on your own. If you do not have the experience or material to go through a glacier, it is advisable to hire the services of a qualified guide to accompany you and show you all the secrets of the different glacial languages of Iceland.

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