Sep 15, 2020

Strútsstígur trail

Strútsstígur trekking

Unlike other hiking routes in Iceland, the Strútsstígur trail is one of the wildest and least traveled hikes of Iceland.

Note: The Strútsstígur hike is an unmarked trail and it is very difficult to find indications or tracks that connect the mountain huts on the way. Many of the huts are difficult to access and are frequented by Icelandic hikers, so a prior reservation is essential. We will hardly find hikers on the Strútsstígur route, but it is important to notify the rangers of our intentions. It is vitally important to have experience in hiking in Iceland, have knowledge of flora, knowledge of how our GPS works and to be 100% self-sufficient since the huts do not have a store to buy supplies. It is also important to know that the accesses both at the beginning and at the end of the trail do not have regular public transport lines and a modified 4×4 is needed to access them.

[ Strútsstígur Trail ]: What should I know?

First of all, the Strútsstígur trail has a length of approximately 45km divided into several stages, and it is possible to extend it to discover the Ragnarök Fires and the magnificent volcanic formations that are near the black desert of Mælifellssandur. What’s more, although the trail can be done in 3 days and 2 nights, on our trip we spent an extra day exploring the surroundings of the Torfajökull volcano and glacier, and immersing ourselves fully in the legends that the Highlands landscapes hide.

Hiking level & hiking distances

Unlike other trekking routes in Iceland, this particular route has a difficulty that we could classify as Demanding. However, it is not suitable for all types of hikers due to the long distances of the trail, the changing atmospheric conditions that usually exist in this area and the river crossing on foot that must be done.

  • Day 1. Following the river Syðri–Ófæra: 8km aproximmately
  • Day 2. Through the gigants mountain: 20km aproximmately
  • Day 3. [EXTRA] The Ragnarök Fires: 15-20km aproximmately
  • Day 4. Black desert & troll lands: 17km aproximmately

Scenaries during the trail

You will hike through immense lava fields covered by moss that almost look like out of a science fiction movie, and that have been growing during the last centuries will surround us throughout the trip. You will walk around the Torfajökull glacier and volcano, where the ice touches the most amazing and colorful landscapes. You will discover one of the wildest and most incredible natural hot pools in Iceland. You will walk alongside shades of red that progressively turn green, along the shores of extensive lakes and huge snow fields in early summer.

Strutsstígur trekking Ragnarök
Photo by Alberto Ojembarrena


Self-sufficiency. With this word we can define 100% the logistics, transport, food, etc. of the entire hiking trail. It is essential to be able to be self-sufficient in these places since there is nothing that can help us during the trip. There is no regular transport at the beginning or at the end of the route, no food is sold in the mountain huts, there is no type of lugagge transportation between one hut and another, etc.

In our 4-day MicroAdventure doing the Strútsstígur we have all the logistical needs covered so you don’t have to worry about any of this.

Best season for hiking the trail

This route is advisable to do from mid-July to the end of August. In September we can count on a very changeable weather, the first snowfalls, sub-zero temperatures and fewer hours of light. At the beginning and middle of July it is very likely to find snow and ice in various stages, in that case it is advisable to have a pair of hiking crampons to avoid accidents. Our groups have this material included if necessary.

Strútsstígur trekking - river
Photo took by our traveler Juan Luis Lázaro


As local guides in Iceland and as we normally hike this trail every summer, we would like to give you the following advices:

  • Register your trip plan in SafeTravel.
  • Carry a GPS with the trail (and know how to use your device).
  • Have previous experience in extreme hiking in Iceland.
  • Have a personal location beacon in case of emergency (You can rent them here).
  • Bring luggage prepared for any kind of weather. Even if it’s summer, include a GoreTex jacket and pants (or raincoats).
  • Bring food supplies for every day. Including: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add energy bars and carbohydrates to your luggage.
  • Check the weather website before leaving & be aware of the weather conditions you are going to have. In the event of a storm, do not attempt to do the hike.
  • Enjoy the wildest landscapes of the whole island 🙂

And if you don’t want to take risks … join us on our 4-day adventure through these remote places! Or complete your adventure with 12 days of hiking through the Highlands of Iceland!

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