May 05, 2020

Local guide Iceland: best experience ever!

guía local islandia háifoss

I’m going on a trip to Iceland! But what should I visit? Do I always stay to sleep in Reykjavík? Is it better to start in the South or better to go North? Is the Blue Lagoon worth it? Get ready, in this post we tell you the secrets of a local guide in Iceland and all our tips as locals so that you have a trip of 10.

Local guide for Iceland

Don’t just stay in Reykjavík. The entire Iceland it’s amazing!

Get out into nature! As much as you want, do not spend your entire stay only in the capital. Reykjavík is definitely great! An interesting city full of life, art and culture. Restaurants, cafes and attractions like Sólfar, Hallgrimskírkja or our favorite old-town are essential stops. However, it is also a fairly small city and one night in the capital is enough to see and enjoy it.
Many travelers use the capital as a “base” to discover the rest of Iceland. Forget about this and travel through the south coast, the west and the fjords. Stay in local and family businesses, and forget about the big hotels, this way you can experience the true Icelandic culture and soak up what the locals have to offer.


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Posted this before but this is my entry for the #PPTimeTravel challenge: Taken from the top of a church in the centre of Reykjavík, on our last day in Iceland. I was super happy cause the sun had finally come out and was reflecting off of the snow on the rooftops to create the most beautiful contrast. The colourful buildings, the glacier in the background, and the blue sea that surrounds the capital, paints a wonderfully accurate picture of Reykjavík – as a city with a Scandinavian feel that sits right on the edge of the beauty and ferocity of nature. Whilst the majority of us are confined to our houses, it’s nice to remember the world is still out there. #stayhome.

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Iceland is not always full of people. As long as you know where to go:

A typical premise that we always hear is “Iceland is super touristy.” Well, this is because the tourism boom has caused the island to receive more and more visitors in recent years. However, not the whole island is crowded. Some of the most popular places like the Golden Circle or the Blue Lagoon capture the highest percentage of tourists, but other places like the Highlands hardly receive visits.


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One amazing thing about being local in these strange times, is the fact that we can go hiking to some remote places in the meantime. Here we went to check the first spring effects on the Highlands 🌿🌋❄️ •••⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #photography #photographer #adventure #lonelyplanet #lpfotodeldia #iceland #islandia #lifeofadventure #goexplore #inspiredbyiceland #icelandtravel #discoverer #hiking #laugavegur #landmannalaugar #trekking #hiking #somosnomadas #mountains #þórsmörk #landmannalaugar #landroverdefender #aventura #travelguide #travelholic #beyondthelands_ #supportlocaliceland #dontcancelpostpone #traveliniceland2020

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The Lonely Planet is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are much more things to visit:

Visiting the South Coast and the Golden Circle are often marked as “must do”, but there is much more behind it. Leaving the usual tourist routes can also turn your trip into something spectacular. Visiting the Highlands of Iceland, discovering the hidden waterfalls next to Thórsmörk or exploring the ice caves with the help of a guide are our recommendations so as not to miss the real Iceland.

Blue Lagoon, is it worth it?.
The other pools:

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous experiences in Iceland. Bathing in the well-known Blue Lagoon is something that everyone will recommend to us on our trip to Iceland … but what if we told you that it is artificial? What if we told you that there are hundreds of natural hot springs in wild areas? Our favorites: Sky Lagoon, Hvammsvík, Hrunalaug, Landmannalaugar, Laugavallalaug and the unknown hot spring in the Secret Valley of Obsidian.

Travel always with a local guide. Best experience guaranteed!:

What better way to get to know a country than by the hand of someone who lives there and walks its roads every day? Traveling with a local offers you not only an up-close experience, but thousands of stories that do not appear in books, secret trails that few people know, legends and the safety of traveling with a professional driver or a qualified and experienced mountain guide. Do not put your trip in the hands of someone who does not know the country, supports local tourism and travels with locals.

guía local islandia
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